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    • Don’t leave Your loved ones with any burden.
    • US Government advises to get your services booked so that your Family doesn’t overspend because of GRIEF.
    • Cremation, Cemetery and Funeral Cost has increased by 27% in past couple of years because of Inflation.
    • There are only 17 Government recognised Organisations in the USA to provide Last Right Services, We are one of them..!!
    • We give Assurance that no matter how much cost increases, once you are Assured.. Your services are assured..!!
    • We have joined hands with Government to provide Assured Services at much cheaper cost
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Funeral Services


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What to Do

When Someone Dies

In most cases you will need to register the death within five days and it is best to visit the register office in the area in which the person died. This will help avoid delays in getting the necessary documents. The following people can register a death:

  • Any relative of the person who has died
  • Any person present at the time of death
  • A person living in the house where the person died
  • The person arranging the funeral, but not a funeral director.

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Reasons of Choosing Us are :

  • No last right fuss
  • Events will be tailored to your beliefs and values
  • A Personal Good Bye
  • Flexibility to arrange whenever you want
  • Cost Effective
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Useful Information

How to register a death
You must take the medical certificate showing the cause of death with you. You should also try to bring the person’s:
• Birth certificate
• NHS medical card
• Proof of their address, like a utility bill
• Council tax bill
• Driving licence
• Passport
• Marriage or civil partnership certificate

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